Dan Fane – Orchards Bass Virtuoso and Vocal Harmony


Dan Fane, the accomplished bassist and backing vocalist for Orchards, has consistently showcased his prowess and versatility in music. Venturing into various musical genres throughout his career, Dan found his true calling with the intricate layers of indie rock that Orchards is celebrated for. Through commitment and relentless pursuit of perfection, he has become an invaluable asset to the band, contributing to its rich sonic identity.
Dan Fane vocal

The early chapters of Dan’s life were filled with rigorous musical training. He attended local music workshops and later enrolled in a prestigious music academy. His student years were characterized by disciplined practice sessions and live performances in various local bands, refining his skills as both a bassist and a vocalist.

Dan Fane backing vocalist

Orchards, however, brought out the best in Dan. His role in the group is multifaceted and pivotal:


Dan bassist

With his extensive musical background, expertise, and dedication, Dan Fane remains an indispensable member of Orchards, contributing significantly to their evolving soundscape.