Sam Rushton – Orchards Master Guitarist


Sam Rushton, Orchards’ revered guitarist, carries with him a rich history of musical training and experience. Born in a family with deep musical roots, Sam’s childhood was punctuated by exposure to a myriad of musical styles. From the intricate compositions of classic rock to the improvisational nature of jazz, he was introduced early on to the vast spectrum of music.

Sam Rushton Guitarist

This early immersion was bolstered by formal training. Sam attended one of the country’s premier music schools where he honed his technical skills and deepened his understanding of music theory. His academic pursuits in music weren’t just limited to guitar techniques; he studied composition, and arrangement, and even dabbled in music production. This well-rounded education set the stage for the musician Sam would become.

Before joining Orchards, Sam had already established himself in the music industry. He was a sought-after session guitarist, known for his versatility and precision. His portfolio includes collaborations with renowned artists and bands across various genres. He also spent a few years teaching guitar, imparting his knowledge to the next generation of musicians.

Sam Rushton plays the guitar

Upon joining Orchards, Sam’s multifaceted expertise became a foundational pillar for the band.

His role in the group is multi-dimensional:

Sam Rushton Orchards