The Orchards Band: A Discography of Ethereal Soundscapes


The Orchards Band is a Canadian indie-pop duo known for their ethereal soundscapes and poetic lyrics. Their music blends elements of alt-pop, math rock, and dream pop, resulting in a unique and captivating sound.

Orcahrds group

The band’s debut album, Lovecore (2020), was a critical and commercial success, earning them a Juno Award nomination for Best Country Album of the Year. The album features a diverse range of tracks, from the upbeat and infectious “Luv You 2” to the introspective and vulnerable “History.”

Lovecore albom

Their second album, Echoed Silhouettes (2021), marked a further evolution in their sound, with a more experimental and atmospheric approach. The album features songs like “Shadows Dance” and “Calm Before the Storm,” which showcase the band’s ability to craft both dreamy and dynamic soundscapes.

Echoed Silhouettes albom

In 2022, the Orchards released two albums: Luminary Heights and Tidal Echoes. Luminary Heights is a more ethereal and celestial album, with tracks like “Stellar Dreams” and “Moonlit Conversations” exploring themes of self-discovery and the interconnectedness of all things. Tidal Echoes is a more experimental and immersive album, with tracks like “Abyssal Thoughts” and “Coral Bloom” delving into the vastness and mystery of the oceans.

Luminary top albom

Throughout their discography, the Orchards Band has demonstrated a willingness to experiment and push the boundaries of their sound. Their music is both accessible and challenging, and their lyrics are both poetic and relatable. The Orchards Band is truly unique and exciting, and their music is sure to continue to evolve and grow in the years to come.


Orchards: Lovecore – An album that will conquer your heart


Release date: March 13, 2020.


Label: Big Scary Monsters


Plot: “Lovecore” was Orchards’ debut full-length album, in which they embodied their characteristic blend of alt-pop with flecks of mat rock. The album is a vibrant collection that illustrates their musical trajectory over their previous work, drawing listeners into a world of infectious hooks, complex guitar arrangements, and a balanced spectrum of tracks ranging from uplifting to introspective.





Luv You 2

Plot:This track is one of the most infectious numbers on the album. The catchy rhythm and catchy hooks of “Luv You 2” are a testament to Orchards’ ability to create compelling alt-pop melodies.

Special Features: The upbeat tempo combined with Lucy Evers’ compelling vocals make this song a fan favorite. The intricate guitar work that is a trademark of the Orchards also makes this song stand out from the pop crowd, giving it a distinctive sound.

Luv You 2 track


Plot: The song “History” showcases the more introspective side of the Orchards. The composition touches on reflection, past relationships, and personal growth.

Features: This song stands out for its lyrical depth, offering listeners a more contemplative experience. The multi-layered instrumentation combined with the slow tempo of the song creates the perfect backdrop for its introspective lyrics.

Orchards History

Magical Thinking

Description: The song “Magical Thinking” is another highlight of the “Lovecore” album, combining the band’s signature alt-pop sound with elements of math rock.

Special Features: The song features the intricate guitar patterns and shifting time signatures typical of math rock, but wrapped in a polished pop production. The lyrics touch on themes of hope, aspiration, and the difficulties of adulthood.

Magical Thinking music


Plot: “Sooner” is a vibrant track that embodies the energetic spirit of Orchards. It’s a song about anticipation, longing, and excitement for what’s to come.

Features: With energetic instrumentation and a catchy chorus, “Sooner” is designed to be an anthem. The song captures the essence of the Orchards’ sound – combining catchy pop melodies with the complexity of mat rock.

These and other songs from the album “Lovecore” demonstrate the versatility of the Orchards and their ability to combine the complexity of math rock with the accessibility of alt-pop. The band’s sound is characterized by complex guitar work, dynamic rhythms, and Lucy Evers’ distinctive vocals. The band often tackles personal themes in their music, addressing issues of young adulthood, relationships, and personal growth.

Sooner top track


The Orchards Band is a band to watch. Their music is both innovative and accessible, and their lyrics are both poetic and relatable. With each new release, the band continues to evolve and push the boundaries of their sound. I highly recommend checking out their music if you’re a fan of indie-pop, alt-pop, or math rock.