Lucy Evers – Lead Vocalist of Orchards


Lucy Evers,  vocalist of Orchards, comes from a background deeply rooted in music. From a young age, her exposure to various musical influences set the foundation for her future role in the band.


As the primary vocalist, Lucy’s distinct voice is often the first element that listeners identify with when they hear an Orchard track. Her clear and expressive singing style has played a significant role in defining the band’s sound. On stage, Lucy is known for her consistent and professional performances, ensuring that audiences get a memorable experience each time.

Lucy Evers top vocal

Beyond her singing duties, Lucy is also involved in the songwriting process for Orchards. Drawing from her personal experiences and observations, she contributes lyrics that are both relatable and impactful. Her ability to create meaningful and clear narratives through her lyrics has been a valuable asset to the band’s music.

Lucy Evers

In addition to her roles as vocalist and lyricist, Lucy takes part in many of the band’s decision-making processes. This includes contributions to song arrangements and input on the band’s visual presentations, such as music videos. Her collaboration with other band members ensures that the group maintains a cohesive and unified sound.


In summary, Lucy Evers plays a multifaceted role within Orchards, contributing not only her vocal talents but also her songwriting skills and strategic input. Her dedication and involvement have been integral to the band’s success.